Our Commitment to Quality

Our Own Biggest Critics -- Us

The goal at STW is simple: no product leaves our facility without being thoroughly tested for proper fit, operation and safety:

  • Non-destructive testing using X-ray, magnetic particle, helium leak, dye penetrant and trace element testing (mass spectrometer).
  • Hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing to 12,000 PSI
  • Laser testing for column and nozzle alignment
  • In-house metallurgical lab for destructive and non-destructive testing.

Certifications & Approvals

ASME code: qualified to fabricate steam boilers under the “S” stamp, pressure vessels and heat exchangers under the “U” stamp, power piping under the “PP” stamp, alterations/repairs under the “R” stamp and register using the “NB” stamp.

All required API and MIL 1 45208 specifications.

National Board Certification

Japanese Industrial Standard

NEW! Recently became just the second U.S. company awarded the Korean Gas Safety Certification.