Big Solutions from a Small Town

Sistersville Tank Works, located in a small West Virginia town on the mighty Ohio River, is becoming a force among manufacturers of custom ASME-code pressure vessels and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, API-spec storage tanks, reactors, processing columns and other specialty products. In today’s high-technology, high-output environment, the people at STW are among the best.

More than a Century of Innovation

It was 1894 in the Mid-Ohio Valley of West Virginia. The War Between the States was well behind us; the area’s oil boom was in full swing. Steamships were plying the river; stacks belching smoke and steam turning paddlewheels through the water. This was the genesis of Sistersville Tank Works. A company built to supply the growing area with oil field boilers, tanks and pressure vessels.

By World War II, the company had proven itself an innovative resource, focused on innovative, high-quality products. Just the kind of company the nation needed to build its war machine. STW got busy building LSD landing craft for the U.S. military.

After the war, while the company and Sistersville returned to a peacetime mood, business lulled. That is, until October, 1984, when a forward-thinking company bookkeeper named Janet Wells and purchasing agent Darlene Morgan (Janet’s daughter) made a bid to purchase and save it. Their first order of business was a simple commitment to preserving the reputation for quality and service that had been built over the years.

By 1985, an advanced CAD system was in place, and within a few years, sales had increased nearly six fold, and employment rose from seven to fifty workers. Janet was named the U.S. Small Business Person of the Year in 1988, and was featured in TIME Magazine.

New technologies have improved the company’s capacity for heavy fabrication, and the latest equipment for quality assurance and product testing are on-hand. Today, STW continues that legacy of growth and reliability, as Jason and his brother Zach Morgan have joined STW, ready as the third generation to lead the company to new horizons.

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