Careers with STW

Sistersville Tank Works provides equal employment opportunities to qualified applicants without regard to race, creed, religion, color, disability, sex or national origin. We extend this policy to qualified veterans, and it covers all phases of employment, including rates of pay and other forms of compensation.

All applicants must submit STW Application Forms (available below). Applicants may include resumes with their STW applications, although those are not required. Applicant’s original signature is required. STW applications must be delivered by U. S. Postal Service to Human Resources Department; Sistersville Tank Works; P O Box 200; Sistersville, WV 26175. Do not email, fax or otherwise send applications electronically.

All applications are kept on file for ninety days. If, during that time, a position becomes available that matches applicant’s training, experience or other background, we will consider that application. Applications will be destroyed after ninety days, although applicant may re-apply after that time.

No openings are currently being filled

Job seekers are welcome to submit STW applications, even though no openings are being filled at the time. Download STW Application Form here (requires Adobe Reader).